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Politically Restricted Posts

Under the Local Government and Housing Act, 1989, (as amended) certain jobs in local government are designated as politically restricted.

If the post you have applied for is politically restricted, this will be indicated in the job advert and job description, and means that you will not be able to stand for election as: 

  • a member of Parliament
  • a member of the European Parliament
  • a councillor in any local authority
  • a member of either the Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly
  • any other public elected office

You can still stand for election to a parish or community council.

In a restricted job you are not allowed to take part in political activity. This means: 

  • holding office in a political party
  • canvassing at elections
  • acting as a party election agent or sub-agent
  • speaking or writing publicity (unless as part of your job) on matters of party political controversy

Under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, the council is required to maintain a list of politically restricted posts.


Restricted Posts

Some posts are automatically restricted with no right to apply for exemption: 

  • Town Clerk and Chief Executive
  • Executive Directors
  • Directors
  • Monitoring Officer
  • officers with delegated decision-making powers 

However, employees in posts identified as "politically sensitive" by their Director (giving formal advice on a regular basis to the Authority itself or to any committee or Cabinet Member or speaking on behalf of the Authority on a regular basis to journalists or broadcasters) have the right to apply for exemption from political restrictions.